Travelling Brits get home insurance warning


Brits who are spending Christmas at the home of a friend or relative may want to check out home insurance for unoccupied properties, in light of recent advice.

A Halifax Home Insurance study has revealed that 19 per cent of those heading away this Christmas said they had no plans to improve security before setting off and 34 per cent admitted being worried about a break in but were under the impression that neighbours would be vigilant on their behalf.

However, senior claims manager Marty Foulds, explained that this could be a foolish attitude to take.

He said: “At Christmas it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season and forget about home security.

“However, we all know there are criminals who see this time of the year as providing them with rich pickings.

“We are urging householders, especially those who plan to go away on holiday, to take measures to safeguard their home.”

Some 37 per cent of those travelling away over Yuletide this year are visiting relatives, while four per cent plan to take a break abroad.

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